Avoiding Negative People

Sep 13 2014

negative people

One of the perks of living in Florida is the excellent year-round weather there is to enjoy. Yes, it can get quite hot in the summer. And during the “winter” months (if you can call them that), you might get a day or two in the 40s.

But for the most part, it’s all poolside weather to be had.

Even so, you have the people factor. Negative people can rain on your parade and make a beautiful day the worst – if you let them.

That’s why I try to make it a point to avoid negative people. Because when you let people dump their bad attitude and their shit on you, it will definitely make you stink.

But how do you avoid this people? they are all over the place. No matter where you, including Florida.

In order to avoid negative people, you must first associate yourself with positive people. When you have positive people around you, by default you will generally always be around positivity.

However, we do interact with people outside of our circles every day, right? So you will inevitable come across the occasional asshole every now and then. You could be riding in a train, plane, limo or boat. They will find you.

They want to tell you about the latest murder that took place in town. Or, how much the economy is in shambles. Or, how their spouse is driving them nuts. They are just full of negativity.

If you sit there and listen to all this stuff, it will definitely contaminate your mind. So, you have to cut them off.

You simply have to learn how to cut negative people off quickly but politely so that it doesnt ruin your sunshine. All you have to do is say, “hey, I’m really sorry but I gotto run”. Get in your vehicle and get out of dodge.

If it’s a close friend you’re having a conversation with, just tell them you have to go or change the subject to something more positive.

Negative people can suck the energy out of your world, if you let them. If I find myself around a negative person and can’t immediately get away, I find that I have to go read a piece of positive material or listen to some positive audio to flush the bullshit that was just dumped on me.

So make it a point to avoid negative people. It will only help keep your days positive and sunny – no matter the weather.

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Sep 13 2014

100 sunsets and 100 sunrises. That is a goal I plan to attain before 2015 is over.

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